Nurse and Senior Woman

Skilled Nursing in Portland, ME, at Our Senior Home

Senior Woman with a Caregiver

Coastal Manor Corp. wants our senior citizens to have the services they need for their health and well-being. This is why we provide skilled nursing in Portland, ME, on-site and bring in medical professionals for rehabilitation and checkups. Your aging parent benefits from:

Skilled Nursing—Your relative's medical needs are met by our skilled nursing staff. These licensed nurses work at our facility 24/7. Feel confident that qualified nurses are looking after your loved one.

Rehabilitation Services—Your favorite senior citizen may have suffered from an illness or accident before they came to our home. We provide therapy that contributes to their quality of life. To keep your loved one active and engaged, physical, occupational, and speech therapists visit our facility regularly.

Medical Director Visits—In addition to care from nurses and therapists, we have a doctor come to our home once a week. As our medical director, this professional oversees medical care. This includes giving physicals, monitoring blood pressure, and ensuring the quality of the medical care your parent receives. We provide care at our home for the convenience of your loved one.